Small Apartment Design Ideas

When needing to design an apartment, you definitely must look first at how much space you have, in order to choose the right furniture. Even if you don’t have too much space, that doesn’t mean you can’t nicely decorate your interior. Check out these small apartment design ideas.

The walls

The walls must be painted in very bright colors like white, beige or yellow in order to make a room look brighter and bigger. In case you want a splash of color, you can paint one of the walls in a vibrant color, depending on your taste. Red, blue or purple look very nice, combined with white or beige. You can also go for a wallpaper with an elegant pattern. Whatever you choose, make sure it is a bright and warm color in order to make a small interior look larger.

The furniture

Minimalist furniture is the perfect choice when decorating a small apartment. And if the furniture is in a bright color, then you can be sure you’ve made the right choice. Install floating shelves instead of cabinets, in order to make the interior more spacious. Opt for pieces of furniture that suits a small interior, like a small coffee table with an open metal base, small chairs or a cozy sofa. Make use of the corners and place, for example, a cozy chair in one of the corners in order to create a reading nook. If you want to keep a small room from becoming too cluttered, a smart thing to do that is to choose furniture with space for storage as well, like a coffee table with a shelf underneath or an ottoman with a removable top and empty space inside.

The details

Small details make the difference. Having a mirror in the room, opposite a window, will bounce light around the room, making the interior look airier. The bigger the mirror, the better it is. Having two mirrors, it’s going to be even better. Randomly placing some silver decorative objects will also make the room look brighter. Place the curtain rods a few centimeters below the ceiling instead of placing them above the window frame. Doing so, the windows will visually look higher. The same trick works if you want to visually expand the window‘s width by hanging the rods a few centimeters past the sides of the panes.