Rustic Bathroom Design

Decorating a bathroom can be hard at times. But decorating one in a rustic design can be challenging. We must admit that not many people choose to have a rustic decor in their bathrooms. In case you are on of those who want a bathroom like than, here are some inspiring ideas in order to create a perfect rustic bathroom design.

Go for natural

When deciding to decorate your bathroom in a rustic style, you must consider to use only natural materials in order to obtain a perfect and original rustic decor. Natural materials such as distressed wood or exposed brick are perfect options for this style. If you bring the nature indoors, you will certainly create a warm, calming and natural atmosphere. And these are the main elements you should keep in mind when creating a rustic bathroom design.

The walls

When it comes to the walls, you definitely should use a paint technique such as rag rolling or sponging painting in order to create a weathered look. With the rustic style, you do not need to have walls that look too clean and perfect. In a rustic bathroom, it’s the imperfections that creates beauty to the room. Warm colors, such as white, light blue or light green are the best choices. For an even more rustic look, paint the walls in gray.

Small details make the difference

Some antique decorative objects will definitely make the difference and add distinction to your bathroom. Instead of having a cabinet installed underneath the sink, you can add a skirt. You will still be able to store some things behind it. A basin-style bowl sink looks simple and yet elegant. These type of sink comes in a number of different shapes and styles, so look for one with a rustic design. If you have a big bathroom then a farmhouse-style sink will definitely provide style and you will have more space to splash around. You can actually get creative and convert an old metal washtub into a sink. A slipper tube is also perfect for a rustic decor and a mirror with a wooden frame will complete the rustic decor. A natural wood frame with knocks and knots or an iron frame with an old patina which would look absolutely amazing. It can challenging to create a rustic bathroom design, but in the end you will obtain a wonderful, warm cozy rustic bathroom.