Pros and Cons of Using a Clothes Dryer

A clothes dryer is a practical device that can help you save a lot of time and effort as well. On the other hand, these appliances are generally very expensive, so after buying a washing machine, not many people can afford buying a clothes dryer. So, as you can notice, clothes dryers come with both advantages and disadvantages. Here are some of the pros and cons of using such a device.

You can save a lot of time

One of the main advantages of using a dryer, whether it is gas or electric, is the fact that you manage to save a lot of time. We all know that drying clothes inside takes a lot of time. Most people prefer hanging clothes outside and wait for them to dry, but for those who don’t have this privilege, opting for a clothes dryer is sometimes more appropriate. Using a clothes dryer is extremely easy; all you have to do is put the clothes inside the dryer, set a drying cycle and push the “start” button and you’re set.

You will keep your home neat and tidy

Whether you live in a tiny apartment or spacious house, the drying racks place around the house, in the bathroom or balcony will make your home feel overcrowded and messy. After the clothes are completely dried, you then have to take them off the drying racks and fold them. This may seem like a simple process, but when you are living in a small apartment and you don’t have space to move around, you can create a general havoc. With a clothes dryer, you simply pop the clothes inside and take them out when they are fully dry. No mess whatsoever.

Dried clothes are easier to iron

If you had the chance to use a clothes dryer, you have probably already noticed how easy it is to iron just dried clothes. Dryers come with a variety of features that are designed to make clothes more softer and thus make ironing extremely easy. There are even some specific washing cycles, such as the steam cycle that removes wrinkles from your clothes.


Although clothes dryers come with more benefits than disadvantages, the high cost of owning and using a clothes dryer is seen as a major drawback for many homeowners. Besides the high initial costs, you also need to think about the cost of keeping it running. If you use it every day you need to add $30-$50 to your monthly energy bills. You will also have to add the costs of regular maintenance and repair costs (if needed).