Outdoor Halloween Decor Ideas

There may still be plenty of time left until Halloween, but this doesn’t mean that you can start planning it now. You must find ways to make everything perfect, from getting the right costume, carving scary pumpkins, cooking tasty meals and decorating your house. If you want to impress all of your guests, you also need to decorate the garden or front yard because as you already know, first impressions always counts. We’ve gathered some useful and simple tips and tricks on how to decorate the outdoor space. Let’s get started.

Spooky graveyard

You can easily make a spooky graveyard by following these few tips. First, start by cutting the tombstone shape out of a thick cardboard (if necessary glue two or more together so that they are sturdier). Then, you’ll need some gray spray paint to color the pieces of cardboard. You can also use various shades of gray so that the tombstone looks more realistic. Use some spray paint or a couple of markers to write several messages on the pieces of cardboard. The last step is to glue a wood stake to the back of the cardboard tombstone to ensure that it stays in place. If you want the passers-by to be really spooked by your yard, dress up like a grim reaper and scare the living daylight out of them. You can find some amazing Grim Reaper costumes online.

Tattered curtains

This DIY idea is also an inexpensive method to decorate your front porch. In order to start this DIY project you need the following items: white curtains or drapes, a pair of scissors and a spray paint can. Consider opting for a set of old curtains that you no longer use or visit your local thrift store to buy a set of white curtains. To give them the vintage, old look use some spray paint in a yellowish/cream shade. Another good solution would be to soak the curtains in tea and leave them overnight. After they dry out, use the pair of scissors to cut long strips of fabric and hang them above your front door or wherever you want.

Scary jack-o’-lanterns

If you are on a tight budget and you don’t have the means to invest in a lot of decoration objects, then consider using pumpkins to decorate the yard or garden. It’s quite fun to cut and curve pumpkins and in this project you can involve the entire family. The kids will simply love to draw on the pumpkins and carve them. Just keep a close eye on them whenever they use a knife or something sharp. Another great solution is to purchase several shapes and sizes of artificial pumpkins. The best part about using artificial pumpkins is that you can also use them for the next year. This way you manage to make some savings.