Minimalist Kitchen Design

A minimalist kitchen will always look elegant and airy. A minimalist kitchen design is perfect for a small space and decorating it in this style is actually very simple. In order to be inspired, have a look at some minimalist kitchen design ideas.

Go for white

White will always be associated with good taste and beauty. A kitchen will look more spacious once there are fewer things in there and if everything is white, then definitely the space will visually look bigger. A white minimalist kitchen will certainly look elegant and welcoming and you and your family will enjoy your time spent there. Cooking will become more enjoyable. Smooth surfaces, a few details and straight lines will definitely create a stylish minimalist design. Add decorative lighting fixtures or spot lights in order to define the functional areas and provide a good level of illumination where it is needed. Choose a white floor or a very bright one and stainless steel appliances in order to complete your minimalist decor.

Combine white with gray

This is a perfect combination for a minimalist modern kitchen and is always a killer in terms of cleanliness and beauty. If you choose a white furniture, then the walls must be painted in gray. Add as fewer things as you can in your kitchen in order to make the space wider and cleaner. A small counter area and a bar will give enough space to cook a meal or just enjoy a cup of coffee without a lot of overhead. Some glass shelves will also look incredible and will perfectly fit into your minimalist decor. Add a few decorative bowls or vases in order to give a final touch to your minimalist kitchen design. With white furniture and gray walls, your kitchen will definitely look charming and gracious.

White and wood in perfect harmony

For a perfect harmony, combine white walls with a bright wooden floor, white cabinets, a round wooden table and old features. With a white interior, the choices are endless. You can use different forms and materials in order to add a touch of elegance and harmony to your kitchen. If you want, you can try to use a vibrant color on one wall. Orange or red will look very nice and in doing so, the entire look of the kitchen will be different. You can also use other elements such as colored glass windows or futuristic lighting, in order to create a wonderful impression.