How to Install an Outdoor Sauna

The symbol of relaxation and wellness, the sauna has now its place in your home. In fact, installing a sauna in the garden or near a pond is a practice more common than we think. The sauna kit is the type of sauna that is the most easiest to install. This is the preferred method if your budget is limited but you expect a minimum of aesthetics and quality. Here are some tips to guide you in installing your own sauna.

Which location to choose for the sauna?

Installing a home sauna is suitable for both indoors and outdoors. The outdoor sauna in a log cabin is very similar in Scandinavian saunas. They are very aesthetic but require significant work.
However, in urban areas, not everyone has the possibility of installing an outdoor sauna. Sauna cabins are so well adapted to today and can be installed in any place outside the house. For obvious reasons of comfort, it is preferable to choose a location near or within a pond.

Installing your kit sauna

The installation of your kit sauna is relatively accessible if you are handy. The kit includes the necessary elements for the operation of the sauna:

  • Wood panels which form the walls of the sauna, the roof and possibly the part of ground,
  • Sauna door,
  • Sauna heater,
  • Benches,
  • Ventilation flap,
  • Sauna accessories.

Everything usually comes in one or more boxes that you have to unpack in the right order. As with Ikea furniture, read the manual to check that all parts are in order before starting to assemble your sauna. However, the composition of the kit depends on the model and sauna manufacturer. Some kit saunas are more or less quickly installed.
Follow the steps in the installation guide to successfully install your sauna kit.

  • Placing the walls
    Make sure first that the ground is flat and horizontal. Then build the basic framework of your sauna kit. If the walls are numbered, follow the established order for assembly. Always check your angles are straight, and temporarily fasten the top of the walls with hooks for the purpose.
  • Installing the roof and the door
    When the walls are mounted, install the roof panel, which should normally be provided with expansion joints to obtain a perfectly sealed sauna. The door assembly must be done gently, so that the doors close completely and do not let the heat escape.
  • Sauna heater kit
    Aeration is necessary in a kit sauna. Provide a bottom opening and an exhaust hole opposite to the opening. Place the heater near the door without press it against the wall.

As you can see, with minimum effort, you can install an outdoor sauna all by yourself. If this seems like too much effort, you can buy an already installed sauna. Read some customer reviews in order to see which are the best or the most affordable outdoor saunas.