How to Design a Secret Garden

A garden is always a nice place to relax, enjoy your coffee or just chill out in a warm day. When you have children, the garden also becomes a place to play as well. Having a secret garden can actually be really interesting for kids and adults at the same time. In case you do not have inspiration, here is how you can design a secret garden.

The entrance

Creating a hidden gateway that leads from one section of the garden to another can add a fairy-tale touch to your amazing garden. An iron gateway would look absolutely amazing and will add charm and mystery to you garden.

Water features

The size of your garden shouldn’t be an issue. A forgotten corner of your garden can be easily transformed into a secret place. You can create your own world of beauty and light by adding water features such as a small fountain made out of stones. A pond will look beautiful and for a magical look add some lilies on the water. Definitely your friends will be impressed by the relaxing atmosphere.


In a secret garden, shades are very important and you can actually have them only from plants and trees. A secret garden definitely has to be filled with different species of plants and flowers. Black bamboo could be a good option because it can provide an arch of evergreen in winter as well. It looks mysterious and it is easy to maintain. Plant as many flowers as you can and if the space allows it, you can plant a tree as well. Planting a few edge-type bushes can be another good option and the look of your garden will be even more mysterious.


Ornaments are really important when creating a secret garden. You can randomly put statues, sculptures and bird baths with different shapes and colors. On the market you can find ceramic decorations which are painted with fairy-tale images. Rocks are important elements which must not miss. Different shapes of rocks and stones will make your garden look more enclosed. If they are small, add them around your flowers and if they are big, then you should put them around the tree or bushes. Antique-looking elements are expansive but they will definitely change the entire decor. In order to have a place to rest, you can add a wooden bench with an old look or some iron chairs.