Easy DIY Home Bar Ideas

After a long day of work, nothing is more relaxing than just sitting on the sofa and enjoying a drink.
Ready-made home bars can be a bit too expensive, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have one. With a bit of imagination, you can actually create your own bar. Here are some easy DIY home bar ideas.

Simple is the best

This small home bar has been created using an old piece of furniture. It has been repainted and added a shelf and a glass holder inside it. Having some small wheels, you can easily move it wherever you want. Even though it’s a small size home bar, you can still put inside it a few bottles of wine and other drinks and some glasses.

Be inventive

In case you have an old piano which doesn’t work anymore, the good news is that you can still make it useful. Transform it into an incredible home bar. Add bottles of drinks inside it and on top of it. Certainly, this creative idea will impress all the guests. If you can create a home bar, then you definitely can create a cocktail as well. Here are two easy cocktail recipes:
1.Pina colada
Mix 50 ml white rum with 50 ml coconut cream and 120 ml pineapple juice. Decorate it with a small piece of pineapple.
In order to make this cocktail, you will need 1 cup of vodka, ½ cup of cranberry juice, ½ cup of triple sec and ¼ freshly squeezed lime juice. All the ingredients must be mixed into a cocktail shaker with ice. Shake well and then pour the drink into the glass.

Want to throw away your baggage? Think again

Well, who said you can’t use and old baggage when creating a home bar. If you are looking to make a unique one, then this creative bar will definitely be in the spotlight all the time. It is small, chic and vintage. It is small, but you can still display a few bottles in it in order to prepare your favorite cocktails. Relax and enjoy a drink in the comfort of your house.

Old trunk?!

It seems that using old baggage and trunks when creating a home bar is a very popular idea. In this image, the front side of the trunk has been removed in order to make a display of the drinks and glasses. The advantage with this small bar is that you can actually move it around the house when you want and need.