Clever Ways to hide the Kitchen Appliances

A busy kitchen is the worst thing ever. We all like to have a clean, airy and spacious kitchen, but what can we do when space doesn’t allow us to install to many cabinets, drawers or shelves? There are loads of clever ways to hide the kitchen appliances and they will definitely help you obtain a more spacious kitchen.

Three-level cabinet

A three-level cabinet is a very good solution to keep away some of your appliances. There is enough room for the microwave oven, the mixer and other small appliances. When you decide to use the appliances, you just need to open the doors. It is useful and elegant in the same time and is one of the best ways to hide the kitchen appliances.

Slide-out storage

A slide-out cabinet is ingenious and will definitely meet your needs. You can hide in there any appliances you want and just open the cabinet every time you need to use them. This is a very ingenious way for small kitchens. Doing so, you will definitely have a lot more space to move around and the countertop will be empty.

Hidden microwave

This microwave is stored inside of a cabinet and it’s still convenient and easy to use. This is a good storage solution, but only in case you don’t use the microwave too often. Otherwise, it’s going to be really annoying opening and closing the cabinet door all the time. However, consider this a clever idea.

Hidden refrigerator

This stunning traditional kitchen cabinet hides a refrigerator and it hides it very well. If the door was closed, you wouldn’t actually tell what’s behind it. Even if it’s a kitchen, the décor still looks nice, clear and elegant. Depending on the size of the refrigerator, you can choose how high you want your cabinets to be, in order to perfectly incorporate it. Overall, a very ingenious idea.

Cabinet storage

There is plenty of work to be done in this corner, where the appliances await to be used. Just open the door every time you need to use them and close them back after you finish your job. This way, the microwave and other small appliances won’t be in your way anymore and you will have free the countertop and the room will look airy and clean. This is indeed a clever way to hide the kitchen appliances and avoid having a busy kitchen.