Budget Friendly Basement Remodeling Ideas

When living in a house, you must consider making all the rooms functional. Having a basement doesn’t mean you can use it only for storage. On the contrary, you can actually create a functional room where you can retire and relax after a long day of work. Here are some budget friendly basement remodeling ideas.

Boy’s room

A basement can easily be transformed into a man’s place, where your husband will enjoy the time spent there with his friends. First of all, in this quiet room, they will definitely have privacy. This basement has been decorated by using dark hues of brown and orange. When using these hues of colors, it is essential that you have a good lightning, otherwise the room will be too dark. The beautiful and comfortable chairs have been placed in front of the TV, in order for you to sit comfortable and watch your favorite movie or a football match. The wall covered with natural stones is definitely in the spotlight. The decoration elements, such as the rugby player poster and the balls scattered around the room, show that the owner is definitely a sports enthusiast. You can decorate the room using any theme you’d like or not. It’s up to you. The combination of dark, brown wooden floor with the round orange carpet and the minimalist and comfortable chairs, make this room absolutely perfect for the boys to meet and spend some quality time together.

Create a children playroom

You should consider yourself lucky when having a basement. Transforming it into a play room for your kids, is one of the best budget friendly basement remodeling ideas. The kids only need their toys, the books and some games that probably, already have them. Colors are very important when transforming a basement into a playroom for children. Choose to combine a few colors that your child loves. In this décor, pink, blue and green are the main chosen colors which create a colorful and pleasant atmosphere. An advantage when having a play room for you kids, is that their bedroom will now look very clean and airy because all of their toys will be now in the playroom. Separate the toys and put them in boxes with labels, so your child can easily find what he is looking for. This way he will learn how to be organized as well.

Control the basement environment

Regardless of the type of room that you choose to create in the basement, remember one thing: this room has a different environment from the rest of your house. It will likely be chillier and more humid. When having a functional basement, you must not forget to get a dehumidifier in order to control the humidity and eliminate moisture. If you don’t own such a device, go to a review site, read the reviews presented there and choose a device suitable for the size of the room that you have in mind.

As far as the temperature goes, an infrared heater might be the right choice for the basement, especially if you don’t have a very large space. The trick with the basement is that the heat tends to go upwards, which is why a conventional heating solution might be inefficient here. Ah infrared heater on the other hand will heat the objects and the people found within its range, so as long as you keep it near by, you will always feel warm.