3 Reasons Why Tower Fans are Better than Circular Fans

When trying to find ways to cool your room, consider opting for a fan, rather than an air conditioner. Fans come in a variety of styles, shapes and types but the most popular ones are the tower fans and the circular fans. Although circular fans were very popular 10-20 years ago, tower fans are nowadays the top choice of many homeowners. You can learn more about what advantages towers fans have over circular fans in the article below.

Tower fans come with more settings

Even though circular fans have a more modern design, they don’t offer many features as tower fans to. Tower fans are simply more capable of meeting the needs of any customer who wishes to escape from the heat that has taken over their homes. With a tower fan who can choose between several settings: low, medium and high, without compromising the performance of the tower fan itself. Tower fans are very quiet compared to circular fans, especially when used on the low setting. There are even plenty of models available on the market that can both cool and heat a room so you get a device for the price of one. What’s worth mentioning here is the fact that many of today’s tower fan models come with multifunction programs, such as remote access, auto shut-off and even  air purifying and humidifying. Read some reviews online if you want to discover more amazing features that come with the latest tower fan models.

They take less space

Another main advantage of owning a tower fan is the fact that these models tend to take less space in a room. If you have a small room, you can opt for a tower fan rather than getting a circular fan that is heavy and harder to maneuver or transport from one room to another. On the other hand, if you live in a large room, you will want to opt for a fan that comes with a high power of air circulations and in this case, tower fans are a better choice because they can distribute air to large areas of the room.

The airflow distribution is better

Tower fans generally offer a superior amount of air flow, but what really makes them stand out among other types of fans, is the fact that they have the power to oscillate. What this means is that they can distribute air to large surfaces areas, ensuring that your room gets cooled and no part is actually missed out. Tower fans are capable of distributing air at a 90 degree angle while circular fans, such as ceiling fans blow air in only one direction.