Understanding the Features of Robot Vacuums

We all know how hard is to have a spotless house at all times. Fortunately, manufacturers thought about this aspect, and they found a great solution to our issue, called robot vacuum. A cleaning appliance like this will definitely do a great job while you enjoy a delicious cup of coffee. Make yourself comfortable and have a look at this article for a better understanding of the features of robot vacuums.

AeroForce cleaning system

If you plan to get a robot vacuum, then you should consider getting one that comes with an AeroForce cleaning system. With an amazing feature like this, the robot vacuum will clean extremely good your floors and carpets. It will remove up to 50% more dust, debris and hair from your home, than other models. A robot vacuum that has this feature will certainly offer you a professional cleaning.

Full-bin indicator

Before you buy a robot vacuum it is important that you look for one that has a full-bin indicator. This clever feature will let you know when the bin is full and you need to empty it. Some of the robot vacuums don’t have this feature and it is quite annoying to check all the time if the bin is full or not.

Wall-Following technology

Are you wondering what feature is this? The answer is that it is without any doubt a great one. The walls edges are those surfaces from your home that are always full of dust. Most of the robot vacuums can’t clean them, they can only clean flat surfaces. Fortunately, there are on the market robot vacuums that come with a wall-following technology which actually allows them to clean your walls edges. They easily move along the walls and remove all the dust and hair found on the edges.

Carpet cleaning feature

Many robot vacuums can do a great job but only on the floors. We all know that most of the dirt, hair and dust is found on the carpets. Fortunately, some manufacturers thought about this aspect and have made robot vacuums with a carpet cleaning feature as well. This feature increases without any doubt the performance of a robot vacuum and you will be able to have clean carpets at all times, without any effort whatsoever.

Scheduling feature

This is a great feature that allows you schedule and control how your robot vacuum cleans the home. For example, you can schedule to use the wall-following technology feature or the carpet cleaning feature. It actually allows you control the features that your robot vacuum has.

Once you understand what features make a difference, it is time to compare several vacuum cleaners and see which ones offer the best features for the most affordable price. For accurate robot vacuum cleaner comparisons, visit a review website, where you will find accurate and easy to understand robot vacuum reviews.