Refined Microwave Ovens for Retro Kitchen Designs

When decorating your kitchen, you need to choose the right appliances as well, in order to perfectly fit them into your decor. A retro kitchen can be extremely chic, and with the right appliances, it will look absolutely amazing. If you are not a fan of modern appliances, it is not necessary to pick a top rated microwave oven. Instead you can choose one which handles the basic tasks with ease and which also has an interesting design. If you are out of ideas, here are some examples of refined microwave ovens for a retro kitchen design.

Classic vintage microwave

The shape of this microwave oven is not a spectacular one, but the oval glass, the stainless steel accessories and the beautiful color, make it a chic and elegant appliance which will perfectly fit into your retro kitchen design. It comes in different colors, in order to meet everybody’s taste. Choose the one that goes with your kitchen decor, in order to create a perfect design.

Green is the best

This retro microwave oven is absolutely wonderful. If you don’t have too much space on your countertop, then this oven is the perfect choice. It is small, chic, easy to use, and you can actually see what is happening inside because of its clear glass. The color and the shape make it look really vintage. Without any doubt, it will fit nicely into your vintage kitchen design.

Go for a vibrant color

In case you are a vibrant color lover, then this vintage microwave is absolutely perfect for your kitchen. With its gorgeous shape and design, it will certainly be in the spotlight and everyone will admire it. Its stainless steel legs make it a bit high, so make sure you have enough space before buying one. The elegance of this microwave oven makes it a statement. It is indeed one of the most refined microwave ovens which will perfectly fit into a retro kitchen design.

Elegant black

This chic microwave will nicely find its place in your retro kitchen decor. In fact, due to its simple design, this top rated microwave oven will fit into any type of kitchen. Its small size will allow you to place it anywhere you want. Because of its mat glass, you won’t be able to see anything inside. It is up to you if you want a microwave with a clear glass or not. The great combination of black and dark gray, makes it simple and elegant. It is perfect for the people who like appliances with a simple design, rather than the ones in vibrant colors.