Indoor Vertical Herb Garden Ideas

The best place for a herb garden is the kitchen, since you will have all your favorite herbs within reach every time you prepare a delicious meal, but you can also arrange the indoor herb garden on the balcony, where the herbs will get plenty of sunlight. If you can not provide the herbs with natural sunlight, you should look for ways to create a bright environment for them to grow and thrive. The led grow lights are a light system that has been designed to create a full spectrum of light to help plants grow in places where sunlight can’t reach. These lights are beneficial for the herbs as they promote the blooming and growing of various types of herbs. Regardless where you position the vertical herb garden, you will enjoy some fresh and tasty spices, so start building your own indoor vertical herb garden by inspiring from the following ideas.

    • Vertical garden ideas should not involve costly expenses. You can use simple items you are likely to have at home, like a wooden plank and some glass jars. Fill the glass jars with soil and plant your favorite herbs in each glass, you can use smaller or larger jars. Attach the glass jars to the wooden plank using some special mounting bracelets that will make sure the jars stay in place, then place the wooden plank on the wall using some solid bolts. Write the name of each herb under each jar to make sure you always get the right spice and you are ready to add taste to your food.
    • If you have the herbs planted in pots and you don’t have a window sill to place them on, you can build some pot holders that can be attached on the kitchen walls, right near the cooking area. The holders can be made of metal, ceramic, plastic or wood to match your kitchen design and you can even attach a led grow light above the pot holder to assure plenty of light for the herbs. If you visit a review website, you will find some excellent led grow light reviews there, that will help you pick a good led lamp for your indoor garden.
    • These elegant hanging vertical garden ideas will not only keep the herbs within your reach, but they will surely complement the design of your kitchen in a stylish and delicate way. The first option consists of some wooden boxes hanged on the walls using several hooks. The boxes have the names of the herbs printed on them to help you organize the herbs and the fact that you can actually see the hooks makes this vertical garden look interesting. The second option consists of delicate white pots attached to each other with white rope to form a sort of herb swing that you can hang from the ceiling right above the cooking area.

Hopefully, these practical ideas will help you make your home more functional.