Hallway Organizing Ideas

We all know how difficult is to organize the hallway. We have so many things there and we don’t want them to be in our way. Knowing how to organize a space is the key to an airy hallway. In case you are confused and do not know what to do, have a look at these wonderful hallway organizing ideas.

Make it white

White pieces of furniture will definitely make your interior look airy and welcoming. This hanging shelf and the small closet are the perfect choice in case you don’t have too many things and if you have a small hallway. Some small boxes will perfectly fit inside, and on the hooks you can hang your hats, some small bags, an umbrella and maybe some scarves as well. Placing some decorative objects will definitely make the entire hallway look more beautiful.

Open closet

This big open closet is perfect in case you have a big hallway. You can store plenty of things in there. On the above shelves you can place some books or magazines. On the other hand, the bellow shelves are very roomy and you can place some boxes in which you can store different things, such as your bills, the first aid kit, or even cooking recipes. A few decorative objects will certainly add a beautiful touch to the entire design and will make the hallway look warm and welcoming.

Hidden closet

This creative hidden closet is perfect in case you live in a small apartment. You can store inside things like blankets, towels, shirts, suits and even shoes. It is ideal for you to store things that are from the last season and you won’t use again until next year. By Closing the doors, you will beautifully hide the things in there, and the hallway will be clear and airy. It is indeed a clever storage solution.

Big house

If you have a big house it means you have a big family and implicitly lots of things you need to take out of your way. We all know how hard is to find a storage solution that will completely meet your needs. Building some creative storage spaces under the stairs can help you to store lots of things and create an airy space. The design of these drawers is very nice and elegant. It is without any doubt, one of the best hallway organizing ideas.