Electric Vs. Gas Powered Mowers

When you need a tool that will help you take care of your grass and keep it in a great shape, nothing can beat the efficient and practical lawn mower. This machine is easy to handle, safe to use and the best part is that it cuts the grass fast and even so that you can finish the job in no time. To help you make the right choice for your needs, here are some particularities of the two lawn mower types.

Maintenance and ease of use

When you buy any appliance or device, you think about how easy it will be for you to handle and operate it. The electric mowers are very easy to start with the push of a button while the gas models require you to pull the cord and grip the handle, a maneuver that requires strength. If you have a well-functioning gas mower, it will start easier than an older model. Electric mowers can be corded or cordless and the corded ones may limit your mobility while the cordless ones may not offer a long operating time, as you will have to charge the battery. If you have a small of a medium sized lawn that you want to mow with ease, we advise you to invest in a top rated cordless lawn mower. Also, gas mowers are heavier and more cumbersome to handle. As for maintenance, a top rated cordless lawn mower only needs an occasional blade sharpening battery recharge. The gas powered mowers require refueling, blades sharpening, oil and filters changing and even engine tune-ups.


The electric mowers are great for small and flat areas with short and soft grass and you have to watch out for water when you mow, while the gas-powered units can handle wider areas with tall and thick grass. A battery-operated electric mower has a limited operating time than the gas models that can handle larger areas with only a bit of gas, without the need for battery recharging or a socket within reach. If the cord on the electric mower is not long enough or if it gets stuck in obstacles, the unit will stop working and it can even electrocute you, unlike the gas mower that do not require electricity so there is no risk of electrocution.

Noise level

If you worry about the noise you will create while you mow, with the electric mower you can stop worrying because it is a very silent unit with a low level of noise, unlike the gas mowers that can reach noise levels over 106 dB, which is very loud.

Environmental impact

Since the electric mower doesn’t use gasoline, the environmental impact is smaller because there are no harmful emissions released. The gas mower, on the other hand, creates gas emissions during the gas combustion, so the level of pollution is higher. However, a well-maintained gas mower can emit less harmful particles and the environmental impact is lower.