Colorful Refrigerators that Will Spice Up Your Kitchen Design

When you decorate your home, you want it to be fun, cheerful and full of good vibes that will induce a relaxing and joyful mood every time you step into a room. While most people focus on the design of their bedroom or the living room, they must also pay attention to the kitchen and keep in mind that they want it to be a happy place where they will feel energized. The appliances add style and personality to the kitchen and a colorful refrigerator will surely spice up the room, so opt for a colorful version from the ones presented below.

Smeg refrigerators

These refrigerators offered by Smeg are perfect for retro and vintage kitchens, but they can also be blended in a classic design to add color and style to the décor. This series is specifically designed to look like retro refrigerators, with curved edges and short door handles and the refrigerators are available in a variety of colors and patterns to match your interior design choices. Although the design resembles old refrigerator models, the technologies and options that they offer you are the latest in the industry, thus assuring excellent food storage in the best conditions.

Big Chill refrigerators

Another choice for a colorful refrigerator is one from Big Chill, a reliable manufacturer that offers customers stunning appliances with interesting designs. These refrigerators are a top freezer version, with plenty of storage room both in the refrigerator compartment and the freezer. Big Chill offers refrigerators of multiple shapes and sizes, including bottom freezer units or small fridges for small kitchens. The design also resembles the retro style, with metallic insertions and stainless steel handles, in strong or pastel colors to match any kitchen design and to boost the attractiveness of your kitchen.

LG refrigerators

If you read some refrigerator reviews online, you will surely notice that LG refrigerators are among the most popular fridges of the moment. What makes these fridges even more popular is the fact that unlike other major brands such as Electrolux, Samsung or Whirlpool, LG also comes with a versatile range of designs. For those looking for a more modern refrigerator model with other than the plain stainless steel finish, LG offers a wide range of colorful refrigerators to spice up the kitchen design. These state-of-the-art appliances come with a variety of technologies and features designed to keep your food fresh and chill, plus a gorgeous design that will complement your kitchen. These units come in a variety of colors, from dark red to black to pastel colors and feature a design enhancement that makes them stand out of the crowd of colorful refrigerators, which is a floral print. With this refrigerator model, you will surely obtain a stunning and innovative kitchen design.