Best Wireless Security Cameras for Home

Wireless security camera systems offer great benefits to the user. First and foremost, it allows you to monitor the activity inside a house. By installing a wireless security system you get to monitor every inch of the indoor or outdoor space. So, if you are trying to find such a security camera for your home, take a look the following 3 wireless security camera system reviews:

ZMODO 720P HD Wi-Fi Wireless Network IP Camera

If you are looking for a camera that has smartphone capabilities and offers good quality images at a fairly good price, the Zmodo wireless camera is a perfect choice for you. The main advantage of using this camera is that it allows you to view live footage inside your home via a computer or smartphone. When surveilling a fixed area, the Zmodo security camera will alert you of any suspicious activity that may take place during that moment. We like that you can set up the camera to record footage whenever the motion sensors are triggered. This surveillance system features an infrared technology that allows you to monitor and view footage during the night. The minor drawback is that while daytime footage is in color, at night the images are black and white. However, the quality of the video and images is fairly good so you will still be able to clearly identify any type of suspicious movement that may take place during the night.

Lorex LW2110 Camera

The Lorex LW2110 wireless security camera is one of the top choices among users who are looking for a wireless camera that is easy to install, maintain and can withstand harsh weather conditions. What makes this camera so popular is the fact that you can install it even outdoors and it will still provide you with clear footage, regardless of weather. Furthermore, the Lorex wireless camera comes with a flex stand that allows you to position the camera at a high angle, for a better coverage. The camera captures clear images in dark settings due to the infrared technology. We like that you can choose to install 2 more Lorex cameras and link them together so that you increase the surveillance coverage.

Swann SW-Viewcam

The Swann SW-Viewcam features a simple yet classy design. The elegant glossy white exterior is grabs attention but it’s not the most important thing that matters here. Although small and compact, the Swann wireless camera offers 720p resolution, good-quality images and versatile features. It comes with a microphone and a speaker so that you can record sound if you choose to. You can set it to automatically record if it detects motion. It it happens to capture suspicious movement it will notify you almost instantly. You can control the camera using several smartphone or desktop application and the good news is that they are all free to download. The Swann SW-Viewcam also comes with night vision that enables it to detect motion during the night time.